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Mocha Delight Mineral Bronzer
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Beleeve Loose Powder Mineral Bronzer: Mocha Delight. Multi-tasking mineral enhancer face color. These luminous loose powder have ultra fine particles of shimmer to deflect light and illuminate the skin that looks 100% natural. Our mineral makeup bronzer will give you that natural early tan tone. A fabulous bronzer with a touch of naturally tanned coverage. Multi-tasking mineral bronzer with added antioxidants and broad spectrum sun protection.A fabulous "good for you" makeup bronzer. Year round complexion perfection booster that infuse color in your skin. Silky naturalMinerals for translucent, fresh look beauty that feels and looks 100% flawless.

Product id: 197936
Net weight: 10 grams e 0.352 oz
Made in U.S.A.
Cruelty Free

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