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Hydrating Moisturizer Cream
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Beleeve Best Hydrating Moisturizer Cream Ever. An ultimate face moisturizer is formulated to help keep the skin feeling comfortable all day. Light-weight and quick-absorbing emulsion with hydro-balancing ingredients. An excellent choice for facial treatment solution. Basic Facial Treatment Skin Therapy.

DIRECTIONS: Use in the morning to hydrate dry to normal skin. Apply as needed to thoroughly cleansed face and throat. 

Product id: 136578
Net weight: 1.2 Oz. e 35.5 mL Pump Jar
Made in U.S.A.
Cruelty Free Facial Moisturizer

If you were only allowed to choose one skin care treatment product, it would be the moisturizer. First, as their name suggests, moisturizers are skin hydrators - that is, they help maintain the moisture so essential to healthy skin. Many are formulated to replenish moisture to the skin that may have been lost due to environmental, climatic or hormonal changes. They can do this by adding moisture to dry skin by serving as a protective layer to your skin by sealing in the skin's natural moisture. But moisturizers also contain ingredients that help smooth fine lines and reduce wrinkles, help correct uneven toned and texture, help balance pH, and protect against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. naturalMinerals moisturizers can, in fact, dramatically improve the appearance of your skin by helping to firm and tone your skin, as well. There are moisturizers for every kind of skin. In other words, a good moisturizer - a skin care necessity - can address the basic concerns you have for the skin on your face, whatever your skin requirements may be.
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