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Glycolic Gel Cleanser



Product id: GC206 - Glycolic Gel Cleanser - A gentle yet powerful cleansing formula. It removes skin impurities, cleans skin thoroughly and promotes skin exfoliation. Rejuvenates and replenishes leaving skin cleansed, smooth, glowing and pH balanced. An excellent choice for facial treatment solution. Basic Skin Therapy. Net weight: 6 oz. Made in USA.


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Although the many kinds of soap bars you can find in the supermarket have a wide range of claims, their formulations are generally too harsh for facial skin and they can dry and strip the skin of its acid mantle (pH). This is especially important for skin that is maturing. What you want is a cleanser that removes the impurities and unwanted oils that accumulate on your skin each day without leaving your face taut or irritated. At the same time, you don't want any residual cleanser left on your skin because it might interfere with the treatment products you use afterwards. The proper cleansing insures that your skin is fresh, smooth, clean and ready for the next treatment step. Once you have decided on a superior facial cleanser, the type you choose is as much a question of personal preference as it is in product performance. For example, the cleansers known as "gel" cleansers are generally especially effective for deep cleaning the skin, leaving the skin feeling fresh and dewy. Our gel cleansers are gentle, yet powerful formulations created to maximize the removal of skin impurities.

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