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Glycolic Acid 10% Retexturizing Serum
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Beleeve Glycolic Acid 10% Retexturizing Serum. Smoothes and refines skin texture Age-defying technology. An effective anti-aging serum that contains alpha hydroxy acid and aloe to clarify and nourish the skin. Glycolic Acid works by thoroughly exfoliating the outer layer of dry, rough, and environmentally damaged skin leaving it smooth and more radiant. With prolonged use, this product will retexturize decongested dull skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin revitalized.

Product id: 210638
Net weight: 28 grams e 1 ounce
Made in U.S.A.
Cruelty Free Skincare

It is impossible to talk about skin care without eventually discussing antioxidant and free-radicals. But what are they? The air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink - even our body's normal use of Oxygen -- create toxic molecules called free-radicals. Free-radicals are highly unstable, reactive compounds that react with other molecules in our body which can damage cell's protective membrane. Unless neutralized, the "oxidative" reactions create still more free-radicals. Antioxidants are an important part of the cell's protection system. This is because they can neutralize free radicals. If antioxidants are in short supply, free-radicals in the blood plasma can approach the cells of the body. So what do antioxidants actually do? They patrol the bloodstream for free-radicals and when they find them they stop free-radicals before they damage the cell walls on the skin's surface. On the skin's surface, free radical damage can become a visible testimony to the dangers of environmental exposure. One of the reason why we need antioxidants in skin care preparations.

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