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Colleyelastin Cream Complex
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BeLeeVe! Colleyelastin Nourishing Cream is especially beneficial for dry and agin skin. Its unique formulation helps skin maintain its natural amino acids and elasticity, while moisturizing and balancing. The soothing formula helps prevent premature aging. An excellent choice for facial treatment solution. Basic Skin Therapy. DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount to clean skin and pat gently, concentrating around lip and neck area. 

Product id: NC704
Net weight: 1.75 fl oz. e 50 mL
Made in U.S.A.
Cruelty Free Skin Care


We know that aging takes its toll on the body, but we also know that many of the more unpleasant effects can be postpones and there are ways to slow down the clock - even to reverse many of the visible signs of aging. With new discoveries, there are some promising treatments for aging skin. Nourishing creams are specifically designed to help repair and regenerate your skin at night, when normal tissue repair and regeneration is taking place. These rich formulations are extra intensive products that contain ingredients ranging from collagen and elastin to algae and liposomes depending on your skin's needs. Nourishing creams help hydrate, condition, soothe, nourish and assist in restoration of cellular skin functions. Nourishing creams are the potent reasons you can look forward to waking up and finding your skin looking refreshed, and revitalized with greater elasticity and moisture. Our nourishing creams are especially abundant in powerful and efficacious ingredients that work with your body with your body's metabolism to restore tired, stressed skin to renewed vitality.

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