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  C+ Purifying Cleanser


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  Gentle Milk Cleanser

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  Glyco Cleanser 10%

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  Glycolic Gel Cleanser


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  Hydrating Milk Cleanser

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  Sweet Gel Cleanser Anti-Bacterial

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  Sweet Gel Cleanser Combination

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  Sweet Gel Cleanser Sensitive & Dry

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Facial Cleansers

There are many different kinds of facial cleansers and it is certainly possible to find one or more than one that fit the needs of your skin. However, as a rule, the bars of soap you can find in the supermarket are generally too harsh for skin that is maturing and are not recommended. What you need is a cleanser that removes dirt and oil without leaving your face tight or scratchy. At the same time, you don't want any film left on your skin because it might interfere with the treatment products you use afterwards. Once you have decided on a superior facial cleanser, the type you choose is as much a question of personal preference as it is in product performance. For example, the cleansers known as "milk" cleansers may not actually contain milk, but they are creamy and lotion-like in texture and generally excellent for delicate or sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated. They are usually moisturizing too, with a calming effect and leave the skin with a soft and supple feeling. Yet, despite their gentleness and dewy consistency, you will be delighted by how clean your skin will feel, completely fresh and residue free.